I. chair chair 1 [tʆeə ǁ tʆer] noun [singular]
1. COMMERCE the person who is in charge of a meeting, or the job of being in charge of it:

• the Chair of the plenary session

• If you have strong feelings about a situation, declare an interest and suggest that someone else takes the chair (= takes charge of the meeting ) .

2. JOBS COMMERCE the chairman or chairwoman of a company or organization, or the job of chairman or chairwoman:

• chair of the International Commercial Bank of China

  [m0] II. chair chair 2 verb [transitive]
COMMERCE to be in charge of a meeting:

• He chaired his first board meeting yesterday afternoon.

* * *

chair UK US /tʃeər/ noun
[C] MEETINGS a person who is in charge of a meeting: act as chair »

John Taylor, who was acting as chair of the meeting, brought it to a close at 4 p.m.


All questions should be addressed to the chair.

See also CHAIRMAN(Cf. ↑chairman), CHAIRPERSON(Cf. ↑chairperson), CHAIRWOMAN(Cf. ↑chairwoman)
[S] MEETINGS the position of being in charge of a meeting: take the chair »

I suggest that Barbara take the chair for this meeting.

[C] a person who is in charge of a committee or organization: appoint/elect sb (as) chair »

She was elected chair of the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

[C] WORKPLACE, MANAGEMENT a person who is in charge of a company: serve/act as chair »

For the past three years he has served as the company's chair, president, and CEO.

appoint/select sb as chair »

The board of directors recently appointed Ms McCann as the new chair.

See also CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD(Cf. ↑chairman of the board)
chair UK US /tʃeər/ verb [I or T]
MEETINGS to be in charge of a meeting or a committee: »

Stephen will be chairing the meeting in my absence.


A San Francisco assemblyman will chair the legislative hearing in Sacramento on Wednesday.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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